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SeeWriteHear is your partner for digital and print accessibility.

Why is Accessibility Important?

The web is the most powerful commercial, educational, and communications tool of our age – and tens of millions of people are unable to use it. Individuals with disabilities have a right to equal access to information, and US federal and state legislation requiring online content to be accessible is being increasingly enforced. Ensuring that your organization's website is fully usable by all visitors not only helps avoid legal actions, but also expands your organization's reach to a vast new audience.

Our Mission: To pursue information equality for people with disabilities by creating content, researching new technologies, and providing education for clients at all levels of government and business. We assist clients in achieving both compliance and usability standards by delivering products and services of uncompromising quality; our team takes pride in enabling end-users of all ability levels to more fully participate in culture, study, and economy by maintaining both compassion and academic rigor in research and advocacy.

Who We Are

SeeWriteHear technology enables people worldwide to access information by developing accessible products and services that enhance the way educators, businesses and organizations deliver and access their information, media, and social interactions.

We have been closely involved in defining and authoring the standards currently used to measure accessibility compliance and usability. This depth of experience enables us to provide comprehensive and effective products and services across all areas of accessibility, from multi-format media conversion and content creation to legislative compliance consulting and barrier remediation.

What We Do

From the beginning, our primary focus has been on meeting the growing need for accessible information and technology by developing new assistive technology (AT) solutions, mass-producing top-quality media materials, and promoting both usability and regulatory compliance via expert, cost-effective consulting and remediation. SeeWriteHear aims to create a new standard in the marketplace where business and accessibility converge to provide an enhanced environment of products and services to the benefit of all consumers.

Our solution spectrum includes media conversion, compliance review, custom software development, and education consulting. Patented services, processes, and technologies form the basis of a highly varied, yet adaptable and convertible array of offerings, ensuring that our clients can execute all their accessibility goals via a single consulting firm.

Did you know?

The global marketplace for assistive technology is vast and growing every year.

1.3 Billion

People worldwide with disabilities

3 - 8 Trillion

Dollars of discretionary purchasing power

253 Million

People are visually impaired

SeeWriteHear is the global leader in Braille production, with decades of experience in Braille, Nemeth, Braille scientific notation, and tactile graphics. Our processes and print capabilities ensure that blind readers experience a fully accurate and faithful translation of your vital content. The education, testing, and publishing industries have relied on SWH for decades for millions of pages of Braille content.

Conversion to large print is not simply a matter of resizing font. Offer your audience unmatched large-print readability by using our page-by-page layout reflow process, which eliminates errors, makes charts and graphics readable, and maintains standard horizontal orientation.

Conquer one of the most challenging aspects of accessibility compliance using our comprehensive expertise in MathML. Our content creation team includes mathematicians, chemists, and engineers; SeeWriteHear has developed software tools proven during long-term contracts with publishers, school, and universities. Maintain usability of your STEM content via end-to-end consulting services and training seminars.

Make your digital content compliant by adding clear and concise descriptions of images, diagrams, and other visual information content. Rely on our subject matter experts to accurately describe scientific, technical, and math images.

Quickly convert large volumes of electronic forms and standardized documents into accurate and versatile accessible formats. Ideal for organizations with measurable quantities of form letters, announcements, invoices, and other mailings.

Expertly written captioning and descriptive audio tracks provide one-touch accessibility to your multimedia content. Enhanced audio description makes even complex math and STEM content available to blind audiences.